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Description:   XEM is: 1) A specification of a pre-formating syntax for XML. 2) A library of tools for create, collect and manage free information via maillists, to create and transform XML contents.

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Mail Hail Mail Hail is a mail notification agent for the Jabber instant messaging server. Mail Hail includes Hailbox, an experimental local mail delivery agent.

Mail Queue Mail queue class to put mails in queue and send them later (eg. every few minutes) by crontab. I used for it pear classess and code it in pear standards. For more info on PEAR go to: http://pear.php.net/?devme

Mail Size Check This small program checks the size of the files in the mail spool directory and compares them to the data given in the config file. If the size of the mail inbox file larger, it sends e-mail to user and/or root.

Mail to RDF/RSS (news) feed tool Mail2RDF enables you to use your favourite RDF news feed (http://www.w3.org/RDF/) reader to see if new mail have arrived at your mail account. A mail server is periodically checked for unread/unseen mail, and a RDF/RSS feed is produced from this.

Mock E-Mail Self contained email server and web-viewer for helping to test mail based application. What makes this unique is it accepts all email messages, so it is designed to be useful for apps which require many different email addresses to test with.

OpenOffice Mail Merger This is a OpenOffice mail merge java application. All it needs is this app and jdom.jar. It will take a correctly formatted template openoffice write document and merge it with data in a simple data xml file to produce a new document.

OpenGMail - Group mail sender OpenGMail is a simple GUI group mail sender writen in Perl/Tk. It was designed to be very easily modified to fit your specific needs and automate some processes. It can also send a diferent e-mail for each person.

PHP HTML Mail Template Engine A lightweight PHP HTML template engine focused on generating HTML emails. As a specialty, mail headers and receivers can also be defined inside templates, and be filled with variables if necessary. Generate mails with extended HTML templatesSet receivers, additional headers and attachments in your html ...

USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode (OneCode) USPS One Code - Intelligent Mail Barcode (4-State Customer Barcode) - encoder implementation with VS 2008. Source code in C# and VB.NET and binaries for .NET (1.1, 2.0 and 3.5), .NET CF (2.0 and 3.5) and Mono (1.* and 2.0).

Vacation Mail Responder This is the port of the 386bsd vacation program to Linux. Vacation is the automatic mail answering program found on many Unix systems. RFC3834 compliant (Recommendations for Automatic Responses to Electronic Mail)Email autoresponderOut of office messageVacation message

XDVR: X Digital Video Recorder Have you ever wanted to record your favorite TV shows without having to use a VCR or pay proprietary devices like TiVo? Don't like something that the program does or want more features. Well you can change it with XDVR your X digital video recorder. ...

XEMPIM XEMPIM is a complete rewrite of EMPIM (the Excessively Modular Personal Information Manager) for Mac OS X in objective C/Cocoa. The goal is to create a robust set of communications primitives for various autonomous modules. Each module will implement a

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